Primo Center

Christine Achre is presently the CEO of Primo Center for Women and Children, a comprehensive social services organization located in Chicago and focused on breaking the cycle of homelessness in families. As a trained clinician with expertise in trauma-informed care, Ms. Achre has provided services to homeless families since 1995 and has focused on program development, research, and clinical practice, geared towards the implementation of best practices for homeless families.

She has also worked within the children’s mental health sector and has participated in the dialogue on the administration and financing for a comprehensive system of care for children.

She has been actively involved with a number of key stakeholder groups in Chicago and has given several presentations at local, state, national, and international conferences as well as presented at a congressional briefing in the US on trauma-informed care within the homeless family system. She serves as an advisory board member for the Bassuk Center, and will be co-chairing a steering committee with its founder, Dr. Ellen Bassuk, focused on the adoption of best practices for homeless families throughout the US.

Most recently she served on Mayor-Elect Lori Lightfoot’s transition committee in Chicago focusing on health and human services. Ms. Achre also serves on the statewide advisory committee for the NB lawsuit against Illinois focused on providing more flexible supports for children at-risk throughout the state.

She is currently licensed in Illinois as a clinical professional counselor and received a Roman Nomitch fellowship in 2017 to attend the Strategic Perspectives in Nonprofit Management course at Harvard Business School.