Sherri Allen Reeves
Associate Director
Matthew House
  Sherri Allen-Reeves is the Associate Director of Matthew House, a Support Services Center/Access Point/Supportive Housing Program for the homeless in Chicago. Sherri has passionately worked in the service of others for over 30 years. Prior to joining Matthew House she worked in both Second Stage and Permanent Supportive Housing programs as well as in Addictions Treatment and Corrections. Sherri has always been an outspoken voice for individuals with lived experience of homelessness and well as staunch proponent for the voice of the service provider. Currently Sherri lends her voice on several committees of our local Continuum of Care serving on the Board Affairs Committee, Pipeline Expansion Workgroup, Service Providers Committee and others. Sherri has advocated policy changes at the local, state and federal level. As the Founder of the Renaissance Bronzeville Toastmasters, Sherri strongly believes if you have something to say you need to say it.