Vice President, IDMS
Via Link
Clifton Harris is the HMIS Director for VIA LINK in New Orleans. He has worked with HMIS for 15 years in different capacities. Clifton has played a pivotal role in changing the landscape of homeless data in the Southeast Louisiana region, which includes Orleans and Jefferson Parish. Clifton aided in developing a process to help New Orleans to be the first in the Country to end veteran homelessness and continued functional zero over the years. He has brought exceptional data standards in this region, including system performance data being number one in the Country. Clifton Harris currently serves as Co-Chairperson of New Orleans Continuum Racial Disparity Task Force. In addition to serving in a national capacity as a subject matter expert on racial disparity in homeless services. He has recently presented on this subject for Veterans Administration and the National Alliance to End Homelessness. Also, Clifton Harris has served on the Louisiana Human Services Resource Network Board and the policy, technology, and advocacy committees. He is also the Past Chairperson to the Reporting Committee. Outside his capacity in homeless services, Clifton has received recognition for his writing focusing on community, politics, and more. His work gained recognition with the Gambit Weekly on “Building the Perfect Mayor.” Clifton’s work has also been published in “Please Forward by Cynthia Joyce showcasing how blogging reconnected New Orleans after Katrina. Clifton Harris won the Rising Tide Award for excellence in blogging in the Greater New Orleans area. In 2013, Clifton won the UNITY Award in Recognition of Exemplary Service of the Continuum of Care. Clifton Harris was later honored as a Significant Male in 2014 from Gentilly East Head Start Center. In 2015, Clifton Harris was recognized by the City of New Orleans for helping with ending homelessness. Clifton Harris is a life-long resident of New Orleans. He attended the University of New Orleans where he obtained a Bachelor of Science, focusing on Computer Science.
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