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YHDP Program Officer

Dee Balliet currently serves in the capacity of Associate Director of the Youth Action
Department at True Colors United.
After spending the last 5 years in the Youth Collaboration TA space, Balliet recently returned,
albeit in a different capacity, to the Youth Action space that opened so many doors for
themselves and other LGBTQIA+ Young Folks via Advocacy, Capacity Building, Race & Gender
Equity and ultimately ending Youth and Young Adult Homelessness.
Identifying this "full circle" opportunity, Balliet has embraced this next step in their career and
the privilege to continue to serve the movement by passing along the tools and knowledge to
the next generation of Young leaders; fighting not only for an end to Youth and Young Adult
Homelessness but also the ability for LGBTQIA+ BIPOC Young Folks to simply navigate this
world, thriving instead of just surviving, comfortably in the identities in which they hold.

“If the wind will not serve, take the oars.” – Latin Proverb